Monday, July 21, 2014

Thursday at the WFM

I went to the Westport Farmers Market last week and shot a few pics with my new lens. If you haven't been this year yet, you should really stop by. It's open every Thursday from 10-2pm and everything is organic and beautiful and so delicious. I couldn't stop trying all the free tasters!

I met Jane today of Jane's Good Food. She makes the best homemade pickles and relish. I also tried her toasted walnuts with a paprika rub and fresh rosemary- YUM! Jane told me her mom always said "eat like you mean it" and if you stop by Jane's stand, you definitely will.

If you want an awesome organic taco, get to the market and stop at the Boxcar Cantina stand. 
There is always a line there for a reason!

This is the guy who makes them. He's awesome too.

I think Muddy Feet has the prettiest flowers at the Westport Farmer's Market. They are bright and wild and grown organically on a flower farm in Ashford, CT.  

My favorite thing today was probably the "ice cream". It's really a hand crafted non-dairy frozen dessert because it's vegan and dairy free but I still liked it! I was VERY skeptical at first but the little girls selling it were so cute and convinced me to try it. Thank god they did because now its in my freezer 
and I can't stop eating it!

I'm definitely going back next Thursday. There is so much more beautiful food to try.


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