Sunday, April 29, 2012

Magic Garden

My friend has a very tranquil plot of land surrounding her home. It's lush and rambling and feels as if every plant and flower sprouted unconsciously to beautify the garden. It doesn't have that planned feel like when a fancy landscaper digs up the earth and rearranges everything to make it look "natural". I took some closeups of my favorite little spots this afternoon and I'll follow up with more of the whole garden next month.

Monday, April 23, 2012


The other day I met a young woman named Erin walking her dog. Erin was very friendly and seemed  the creative type so I wasn't surprised when Erin told me she owns her own floral design studio with an eco-friendly flower farm right here in Westport. I was surprised however when Erin told me she planted 4000 tulip bulbs in her tiny backyard! Of course I had to run over and take some pictures. Here is a sample of her gorgeous and varied tulips. I am hoping to stop by often to check out what's going to bloom next!  

Here is the tiny garden. 

Here is a link to Erin's website and blog with more of her fabulous work.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Flapper Party

I took photos for a roaring 20's party the other night. So fun. Not sure I would have wanted to live back then but I sure want to look like a flapper!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Early Spring Trees

I love spring trees.  Every year they are the first burst of color to remind us that winter is over and bright sunny days are on the way. This year is no exception except for the fact that the trees have blossomed a month early. I didn't even get to take a pic of the grand magnolia trees around town because they came so early and left in a hurry. Here is a sample of what I did get. I'm still waiting for the cherry blossoms in front of the YMCA. I love how they brighten up the entrance to Main Street.

The best trees in Old Hill. They are gorgeous in every season.

What's left of the Magnolia Trees in Westport

Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's Day

When the kids were little April Fool's Day was a big deal in our house. I would switch the cereal in the cereal boxes, we would have chicken and rice for breakfast and french toast for dinner. One year my son stuffed my daughter's backpack with toilet paper (she was not happy when she got to school and opened it at her locker) and this year is no different. Here are a few pics of what my daughter woke up to on this fine day. Her friends wrapped EVERYTHING in her bathroom in aluminum foil! And when I say everything, I mean everything- her bar of soap, her shower head, her band aids (every one individually wrapped), the list is endless. Now it's going to take even longer for her to get ready in the morning.

 Every bit of makeup and toiletry she owns is covered!

The coveted hairdryer!

April Fool's!  :)

Wait until she goes into her bedroom and finds her laptop wrapped up tight! Shhh!