Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Babysitting Duty

My sister's babysitter cancelled on the day her trial was starting so guess who had Alice for the day!

This morning we played outside and looked for ladybugs and collected sticks.

Then we went to KidsU!

After lunch we hung out on Jessup Green.

We ended the day at the new froyo place in Westport, Sweet Frog!

My fav pic from the day. I miss her already.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mill Cove

I walked through Mill Cove today by Old Mill Beach in Westport. Every time I walk around the quaint little area with fabulous views from all sides, I think I would like to live there. Then of course I remember the "no cars allowed" rule on the teeny inlet. The thought of lugging my stuff from Stop and Shop in rain and snow brings me right back to reality.
Early spring is probably not the best time to take pictures. Most of the houses are summer residences and haven't been spruced up yet, the gardens haven't been tended to all winter and of course Hurricane Sandy did quite a number to the area. But I wanted to see how the beautiful homes old and new fared from the super storm and how they were preparing for the next one. Here's what I found.

The sand still seems to be piled up but the pathway is all clear. 

 I don't know what happened here, but from the looks of the construction, 
they won't let it happen again!

 I started to walk under this house but got scared and ran out.

Here's a better view.

This one looks almost ready for summer!

I hope the neighbors house (on the left) wasn't knocked down completely by the storm.

The views here of the Long Island Sound are still gorgeous even at low tide.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Peter Pan

I went to see the local middle school play this afternoon, Peter Pan. The pictures aren't perfect but I had to take a moment to mention how awesome these kids were. The actors are not professional. In fact they are barely teenagers but their dedication and ability is astounding. The show was a first rate prodcution on all fronts. After having seen the talent on kids that I have practically watched grow up, it made me smile and sigh just a little that they didn't listen to Peter Pan and are definitely growing up.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Compo Beach this morning around 9am

Compo Beach last night at sunset