Sunday, March 31, 2013

One Tree, 4 Different Views

These are possibly my favorite tress in Westport. They are gorgeous in every season. Today I took four pictures of one of the trees from four different angles.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

No Dogs Allowed (Tomorrow)

This is the last weekend you are allowed to bring dogs to Compo Beach until October 1st, so my friend and I decided to enjoy the first warm day this spring and take her dog down to the beach. Well my friend never showed, so I took out my camera and snapped away at all the Westport dogs frolicking about before they were kicked off their winter playground.

Not a dog, but quite sure this guy won't be around much after tomorrow either.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Wild About Weather

The Town of Westport has many eclectic and discriminating characteristics that make it stand out. We have Compo Beach, The Minute Man Statue (which I love Lucy replicated in a famous episode), the Westport Country Playhouse, Dan Woog and Coffee An' just to name a few. There is another one which seems to be growing in popularity with every new impending storm, it's Westport's own Scott Pecoriello and his Wild About Weather blog. It has over 4,000 followers on Facebook and after the Staples newspaper article comes out about Scott, it's Watch Out Al Roker!
Scott has been a weather fanatic since he was two years old and is probably the nicest guy in Westport.  Reading Scott's forcasts and commentary will get you as excited about the weather as Scott is. Like his page and you'll never be caught in the rain again!

Thought I'd add a cool weather pic for Scott. 
This is a photo of heat lightning at Compo Beach one night last summer.

Here are the Wild About Weather links.

Monday, March 11, 2013


When I was a kid, if you were at a party and you found someone hiding in a closet, they were usually smoking a cigarette or making out. These days, things are a little different...

Friday, March 8, 2013

Almost Not A Snow Day

The message this morrning at 5:45am was all Westport schools will be running on a 2hr delay due to snow conditions. Then I put on the local news and the newscasters were making fun of Westport saying "It looks like the kids in Westport will be the only ones in Southern CT going to school today". Almost an hour later after everyone is up and getting dressed, we get the call that the Westport schools will now not open. Too late to go back to bed. So I took one snow pic on the way to Coffee An' with the kids for breakfast and donuts.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Grand Prix

I had to drive to Mount Kisco, NY today to check out an indoor go carting spot where I'm shooting a party. They have three race tracks, a bowling alley, an arcade, pool tables and bounce houses. It's big, it's noisy and I thought a kid's dream. But after seeing the pictures, my husband is begging to go!