Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Good Bye 2012

I thought I would post some of my favorite pics from 2012 that didn't make the blog.

 I love this pic. It's of a very close friend and her little niece looking out at the great big ocean.

My 5 year old niece on her first day of elementary school. So excited, so full of life.
I put this pic on in honor of all the kids at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

One of my favoite pics of the year. Not going to tell you what's going on here. 
Make your own interpretation.

I took this pic to join the campaign "STOP THE TERROR". It started with the daily bombing of Israel in the fall and now has grown to stop terrorism all over the globe.

 I had to put up one of my favorite pics from all the bar/bat mitzvahs I shot this year. 
There's a lot going on at 13, and the dresses, wow!

My favorite chemotherapy patient. She puts her arms up in the shape of a heart right before the treatment starts. Best of luck my new friend.

My daughter fooling around with colored sugar while making xmas cookies.

My son and baby Alice trying to look tough.

My father in law and favorite person, pulling funny faces (he's 92 now!) and my daughter.

I had to add one pic of my dad. He can't understand why he's not on the blog every week.

Happy New Year to all and may 2013 be better than the last.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Holiday Card 2012

The Hooper family annual holiday card is getting a pretty good response this year 
so I thought I'd share it.

The Hoopers like to stay connected over the holidays.
Merry Merry!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bye Bye Summer

All I've been doing this week is taking pics for holiday cards and no one will let me post any of the shots until after their cards go out! So I'm posting some images from the summer because I am beginning to realize that this cold weather is going to be here for quite some time and I'm not happy about it.

I would love to fall asleep in the sun right now.

The Atlantic Ocean on Long Island glistening the sun.

Lulu laughing in the warm sun

Compo at sunset in summer

Thought I'd add a cool pic of my mom under the blue summer sky. Don't tell her. She'll probably make me delete it.