Sunday, March 4, 2012


I am not a gym rat by any means but today I spent the day with 500 of them at  SpinOdyssey 2012 which was a fundraising event for Breast Cancer Research. Intensity Tennis and Fitness held the event where participants spin for six hours to raise money for the pink ribbon cause. It was an incredible experience. The energy (and sweat) in the room was massive and the feeling of camaraderie and joy was everywhere. There was live music to spin to, people dressed in costume to get in the mood and young kids running around passing out water bottles and orange slices to tired spinners. It seemed as if everyone had a cheering section and no one wanted to quit. It was awesome. By the end of the six hours, over $300,000. was raised and I had new appreciation for the Nutmeggers and their commitment to help others.


Kristin said...

Where's the picture of you on a spin bike?

Patty Kondub, SpinOdyssey said...

These are amazing photos and what you wrote. THANK YOU for sharing.Patty Kondub SpinO CoChair