Sunday, March 11, 2012


I went back home to Long Island last night for a benefit for my old friend's son, Oliver. I wound up only taking a couple of pictures (my camera was acting up, so please excuse the less than perfect pics) but I had to write a few lines about what a moving experience it was.  Besides being blind, Oliver suffered a stroke and has many cognitive and physical disabilities, but the night was so much more than that. What made the evening so special was the love and sense of community in the room. Everyone there knew everyone. Most went to the same high school, probably dated or cut class together and are now were watching their kids do the same thing in the same hallways. Gone were the social pressures of the teenage years and it was replaced by genuine affection for old friends and a coming together for a local family in need. There was drinking and dancing, lots of hugs and exaggerated old stories. The guys in the band sounded the same if not better than they did in high school. Everyone toasted Oliver and marveled at their parents. Oliver was everybody's son that night and I am so glad I was a part of it.

Read about Oliver and his amazing family here. Donations are accepted and appreciated.

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