Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Favorite Person

This is John Hooper. He is my father in law and he is 90 years young. He came over for the Thanksgiving holiday to visit all the way from jolly ole England. He is my favorite person. There are too many reasons to list why on this little blog. Here is a short story about him instead.

Many moons ago when John Hooper was a young man he went out on a date with a young lass. At the end of the evening he walked her back to her front door and his date told him that he was a nice enough gentleman but there would be no second date. Instead of bursting into tears John noticed a photograph on a small table by the front door of a beautiful girl. John inquired about the young lady and was told it was his date's younger sister Marjorie who was in the hospital due to her Polio. John asked if he could visit Marjorie and was told "please do". The next day John showered and dressed and went to visit Marjorie. They chatted for hours. He made her laugh which made him smile. John was eventually told to leave when visiting hours ended. John asked if he could see Marjorie again soon. Marjorie replied that it wouldn't be necessary because she would be getting out of the hospital in the morning but thank you for the visit. John arrived back at the hospital the next morning on his motorbike with a side car attached and in it was a blanket to keep Marjorie warm.
They were married for 60 years.

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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! who's better than john hooper???even without the love story!