Monday, August 26, 2013


Call me crazy but I had to do it. I succumbed to the NYC cronut craze. What are cronuts you ask? They are half donut, half croissant and they took Manhattan by storm this spring. They are prepared by world renowned pastry chef Dominique Ansel (formally of Daniel) in his little bakery in SoHo. The line starts at 5am, the bakery opens at 8am and all the cronuts are sold out by 10am. Today I am told was a slow day. There were only about 180 people waiting in line (the first hour in the dark).
It turned out to be a great experience. I expected the people waiting to be cranky and tired but instead they were friendly and excited for the new decadence. The three hours flew by while I chatted with fellow New Yorkers and feasted on warm samples brought out the bakery staff.

The first guy on line. I heard he got there at 4:30am!


These guys were awesome with a great business plan!

We finally made it inside at 8:10am.

We obviously wound up buying a lot more than just cronuts!

The cronut was very light but at the same time crispy on the outside and buttery on the inside. The cream inside was also very light and not overwhelming or too sweet. In a word, perfect.

But wait! If you decide to go to the bakery you must also try the bakery's signature pastry, the DKA. It's a caramelized croissant and it's oh so heavenly. You can get them any time of day (until they run out) and you don't have to wait on line at 5am to get one! The DKA has been voted "The Best Dessert" on too many lists to mention and I am probably going back tomorrow for another one (and another...).

Here is a link to my new favorite bakery in NYC

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