Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Westport Today

I had my camera with me while doing errands today. 
Here are some of the nice spots I drove by in my 'hood.

We are so lucky to have the playhouse in town. 

This church is on a narrow little lane in Westport. I love the bell in the steeple.

I pass this dilapidated old garage almost every day. It's awesome.

The water was sparkling so bright today on the river, you had to squint while looking at it.

My kids' elementary school. Beautiful building, wonderful memories.

I love driving by this house on my way to Saugatuck. It's on the main road but I love the color, the wrap around porch and it looks so great when they decorate it with American Flags for 4th of July.

Compo never gets old.

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Staples Soccer said...

And with everyone out of town today for April vacation, you could zip around to all these places without any traffic! Great photos -- thanks for sharing.