Thursday, April 24, 2014

Back to Brooklyn

My dad and I took a little trip down memory lane last week. We drove around Brooklyn where my parents grew up, met, married and lived until moving out to the suburbs. A move I think my father still regrets.

This is the house my dad grew up in on East 24th and K. No car (you don't need a car in Brooklyn!), no TV until my grandfather finally gave in (my grandfather called it the idiot box) and a homemade boxing ring in the basement (a necessity for a house with 3 growing boys).

This is the street my mom grew up on, East 17th between Foster and Glenwood. A beautiful block. My father would pick my mother up here and she would get on the back of his motorcycle much to my grandparents chagrin.

Next stop was driving by my parents high school- Midwood High School. The New York Times said "Getting into Midwood HS is about as easy as getting into an Ivy League School". I'm not going to tell you what they thought of my dear ol' dad.

We drove through Sheepshead Bay next. Home of the famous Lundy's, the largest restaurant in the USA in its heyday. Sheepshead Bay also has a huge recreational fishing fleet, and is hometown to Larry David and Terry Gross of Fresh Air. It was too windy (for me) on the water to get out of the car 
so this is the only pic. ( I tried to make it look cold).

Brighton Beach. My father, starting around 10 yrs old, would take the train down here 
in the summer with his friends to spend his days at the beach.

The entrance to Coney Island. 
Imagine having this in your town as a kid? 
A giant amusement park right on the beach, complete with bumper cars, roller coaster, Nathan's hotdogs, The Parachute Jump and fireworks shot off every week in the summer.

The boardwalk at Coney Island

The Cyclone, the famous wooden roller coaster of Coney Island is a NYC landmark. It opened 
in 1927 and I still haven't been on it!

We stopped for pizza on the way home.

One oven, one guy making pizza, and believe me, he took his sweet time doing it.

My father joked that this guy had been waiting for his pizza since he was 16 yrs old.

We didn't make it into Bay Ridge but I love driving by the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

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Connie Grant said...

The bridge always makes me think back to Saturday Night Fever...Night Feverrr.